Can anyone recommend a good set of handgaurds for an 04 WR450. The trees arent being nice to my fingers :) thanks

I run the Acerbis Pro Ralley and really like them.

enduro eng. the pros use 'em

I'm running the rally pros which work and look good, but if the plastic gets destroyed, you have to replace the whole piece. The next set I buy will have removable/replacable plastic.

Check RockyMountainMC for Tusk Dflex handguards. Cheaper AND better than anything Acerbis makes, and you can replace the plastics when you trash em. :)

Will the Tusk Dflex handguards fit an 04 without any modification ??


Check this website www.woodsblaster.com for something completely unique. I have them on my wr450 and have my name engraved on them. Stronger than any other.

Without a doubt CYCRA are the best protection I have seen. They are much more than brush guards and you can whack pretty goods size branches/trunks and you do not feel a darn thing. There is a 1/2 inch by 1/3 inch (approx) aluminium brace which attachs to the top triple clamp and to the end of your bar. Makes your bars stronger too. I have never hurt a finger since installing them.

Will the Tusk Dflex handguards fit an 04 without any modification ??

I think they should, but your '04 has more switches and knobs and stuff than my old '02 (what's all that stuff DO, anyway?). I still think they'll bolt right up.

I am running CR high bend protapers, and the bend of the handguard didn't exactly match the bend of the bars, so I did have to bend the handguard (metal part) in a vice a little while mounting. No big deal, but this is where I first figured out how frickin strong these things are :)!

They are a little more, but the Cycra are worth it. I have bent every bar I've had until I got the Cycra. I put them through hell and they don't bend. And you can replace the plastic when they are trashed.

Tree branches have strange attractions to my hands so I got the Acerbis Rally Pro.

I had the rally pros, but just changed to the Tusks. More protection for sure and good price. No problems with fit or finish.

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