WR fuel screw oring

Anyone replaced the o ring on your fuel screw? Yamaha says you have to buy a new screw to get the oring. Anyone find an oring that matches up? thanks guys

Go to a auto parts store and buy the smallest one made. I can get size for you next week, when I'm back at work. I keep about 10 in stock at home and change it when I pull the bowl. :)

I just bought 10 of them from Sudco. Look them up on the web and then CALL them. They cost about $.40 a piece. My order was for a new fuel screw, 2 springs, 5 washers, 10 o-rings and it cost about the same as the fuel screw assy. from Yamaha.

Thanks will do. I tried finding one at the auto parts store but could not get an exact fit. Ended up fouling the plug and I think that is the reason.

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