98 yz 400 mods?

Well i want to start by saying i am new to this site but not to thumpers.I have a 98 yz 400. don't and never really had any problems with this bike but like i said im new to this site and have seen some mods talked about (BK) & (blue wire) im sure if i had time i could learn more about these but time i do not have right now. just wondering if some one had a few minutes to explain to me what these mods are and why they are done? like i said nothing wrong with my bike starts cold or hot has since it was new in 98 but if i can make it even better bring it on.As soon as i get more time i will look over every thing here real good but for now any help with these or any other mods for this bike would be greaT!!!

oh by the way great site can't wait to sit and look and learn more



Not meaning to be rude here but just do a search for Bk mod, Blue wire mod, PowerNow Mod, 450 cam mod, coil on plug mod. Also go to MotoMan's site Great info!!! http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com/ (God's speed MotoMan!!!) Most of the info you are asking for is on that web site.

BK Carb Mod:

This Modification is only for the 00'-02' YZ426, 01'-02' YZ/WR250F, 01'-02' WR426, 00' WR400 ...this modification WILL NOT work on 98-99 YZ400's and 99 WR400's

The blue wire Mod will work but the BEST mod you can do to that bike is the 450 Exhaust CAM!!!

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