stupid ?

ok since i am new to this site i promise this will be my last stupid ? "of the day" anyway

i see a bunch of you guys showing off pictures of your bikes right in the post how do you do that. i mean i see the image or url but the pictures i have r just stored in a folder in my puter so no url or HTTP:// to enter



the pics first need to be uploaded to a website somewhere b4 u can post a pic in the forum.

First put your picture online somewhere.

Then login to this forum and click up top on "My home".

Next Scroll down and click on the "Edit" link next to "Personal Information".

On this page, down near the bottom you will see an entry for your picture URL. Here you enter the link to where you posted your picture online. :)

Welcome to TT...

Click on over to

get a free account, and upload your pictures... then follow the other instructions posted to get them to show up here on TT...

Good luck,


BTW, the only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask...

BTW, the only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask...

EXACTLY, I often wonder how much more info is out there if only some folks were not so hesitant to throw it out there for discussion.

ok i gave it a try i guess i better just stick to what i know(lol) not computers!!!!


Come on, you can get it together... :)

what part is holding you up... the online storage, or the code to post them here...?


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