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oil leak around the front sproket...

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Hello people

As the title mentions I noticed a spot or 2 of oil dripping under my bike this morning, (after a hard 5 hour ride, clean & chain lube), initially I thought it was excess chain lube with a bit of moisture in it but on closer inspection the oil resembles engine oil & am now a little concerned a seal or something worse has failed.

Ill clean the area up & take it for a quick ride to try to confirm/isolate the area further...

Any thoughts on the likely timeframe/costs for the repair, its about due for another front sproket anyways...


oil leak 1.jpg

oil leak 2.jpg

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It will not hurt it to run it that way, but you will probably want to fix it.

I have done a bunch of counter shaft(CS) seals on mine since I ride in the mud so much.  Some seals are easy, some are from hell to fix.

Take the nut off with a air impact.  I leave the chain on and use a bar thru the rear sprocket hole across the swing arms. Make sure no spokes are used to stop rotation.

It is over 200 ft lbs so lots of force needed. 

Remove the chain.

Next you have the seal, the collar, and the o-ring.  I lay the bike down on the right handlebar for this step to keep the oil from coming out and it is a little easier to see inside the case.

The seal is pressed into the case, o-ring is on the CS, and collar is sandwiched between them with only 3/16" exposed.

You have to wiggle and pull out that collar, but when you try to grab it with the tip of the vice grips, they just deform the spacer enough to bind it on the shaft. Add in a bunch of mud and dirt and it can be a real pain to remove.  I made a special tool to grab it from all sides and it comes right out every time..  It is a piece of solid aluminum bar stock that is bored out 0.002" larger than the collar OD and I cut 4 slits in longways and put a hose clamp on the end.  Slide it over the 3/16" exposed lip, tighten the hose clamp, spin and pull.

Next take a heavy duty seal pick hook and pull out the seal.  It may help to push it in opposite the side your pulling on to break it loose.

Next reach a small hook pick up in the case and get the o-ring off the CS groove.

Clean everything up good.

Buy the OEM parts. I have used many aftermarket kits, but some work and some don't. After my trouble last time using aftermarket kits(changed it twice and it still leaked), I just use OEM parts now.

Put the new o-ring in first with some lube on it using a couple small screwdrivers.

Next, the seal.. Worst part about this bike is the seal does not fit tight in the case. When you are tapping it into the case it is not as tight as I like it and has no backing to stop it from falling right into the case.  I put a bit of RTV black on mine and leave it out about 1/16" from flush.

I let that sit 24hr to cure then lube the collar and slip it in. You should feel a little something when it goes over the o-ring to let you know it is seated.

I believe these are the parts.  Those prices are from my local Kaw dealer and I get 15% off that, but still expensive compared to the aftermarket kits out there.

SEAL-OIL,TC 30 40 7







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