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Product review of WR Performance F3 filter cleaner

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Hey all, so I have another product review for you all.

WR Performance F3 air filter cleaner

So I use Twin Air Bio oil and the twin air bio powder cleaner for years. I have 3 bikes right now and I use about 4 different brands of air filters.


Every time I clean the filters I do everything as per the instructions from Twin Air for both cleaning and re-oiling the filters.

But after letting the cleaned (not oiled) air filters air dry for a few days, they would still feel oily and the foam felt stiff.

So I would try to clean them again, over and over. Each time using more and more twin air powder cleaner. And they would get marginally cleaner but never clean clean. Still feeling slightly oily and foam still stiff.


Earlier this year at a Ride that I went to WR Performance was giving out small sample bottles of their F3 filter cleaner.

The guy was talking up a huge game about how great this stuff was.

I was thinking at the time it can’t be as good as the stuff that Twin Air sells to remove/clean Twin Air oil.

They make the oil so they must know how to remove it right??????

Well for the most part.... kinda..... sort of.... 

here is the color of the Twin air cleaner/water after a filter clean



So the samples from WR Performance sat on my shelf for the entire season.  Kinda forgot that I had it.

Today I had 3 filters to clean. I remembered that I had the samples so let’s give it a go.


WOW!!!!! Is the only word I can think of?

So I cleaned the filters using the Twin air cleaner first. Same old same old.

Then I gave F3 a go. WOW!!!

I could not believe how much oil was still in the filters.

the bag is how I cleaned the ""cleaned"" filters a with F3 cleaner..The F3 cleaner is clear 


So just like any other filter cleaner, you soak the filter and kneaded the filter and squeeze dry then rinse with water.


 Almost instantly the clear F3 cleaner turned green (same color as the twin air oil).

Then when I rinsed with water the filter started to foam up as if there was soap. But I did not put any.


This is a secondary cleaner that is in the F3 cleaner. And it works very well.


It comes in two sizes and does not seem more money than the twin air cleaner. For the amount of filters I can clean with one bottle.

I truly feel that this stuff works.

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Thanks for the shout out @little_wing! I work for WR and we are glad to hear you liked the product! This is kind of funny timing, we literally just had a blowout sale to our existing customers as we have updated our formula and needed to offload the last of our old one. The new formula works exactly the same except has little to no odor and it rinses out faster and better. We are in the process of restocking ( @Hick )with the new formula but it might be a couple weeks out! I don't want to come off as 'salesy' but if anyone is interested you guys should join our e-mail list as we will send out an email once the new product arrives! Again, it's awesome the product worked well for you! Thanks for spreading the word!

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