colors in valve bucket/lifetr

the middle valve bucket has broken and when i went to the shop to get a new one i noticed that there r three different colors inside the buckets: blue,black and yellow. i dumped the broken one so i cant tell what color he had.

the other two intake valve lifters has one blue color and one yellow color - what should i get? what is the difference between them?

That's a new one on me. When I did my valves, as I reassembled the shims/buckets, I flipped the buckets over to see what the inside looked like. Mine were all dry and metallic colored. No different colors inside. To drift off the subject, I noticed that the shims were dry between the shim and bucket. I put a drop of oil on the shims upon reinssertion.

If you measure them with a micrometer you will find the different colors are different diameters. There is a standard bucket, 10 over and 20 over. It is important to get the right bucket.

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