Reed and DV Penalized for Illeagal Fuel

Three Riders Penalized for Using Illegal Fuel at Texas Supercross


by Press Release

PICKERINGTON, Ohio (April 23, 2004) – AMA Pro Racing has announced that three riders have been penalized 25 points each for using illegal fuel at round 14 of the THQ AMA Supercross Series at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas on April 17.

Riders receiving the penalty include Tyson Hadsell, Chad Reed and David Vuillemin.

In announcing the penalties, AMA Pro Racing SX/MX Series Manager Steve Whitelock stated that fuel samples were collected from seven motorcycles at the Texas round and that the samples from the motorcycles of riders Hadsell, Reed and Vuillemin were found to be in non-compliance. Fuel from the motorcycles of Josh Hansen, Mike LaRocco, Ivan Tedesco and Kevin Windham was found to be in compliance.

The fuel samples were sent to a certified testing lab which confirmed that the fuel did not meet the requirements specified in the AMA Supercross/Motocross Rulebook.

AMA Pro Racing implemented new fuel requirements beginning with the 2004 season.


I doubt that they knew that they were using illegal fuel. If I was Chad Reed, with a points lead, clearly a better SX rider, I would not chance it by using anything illegal. These guys know tha the AMA does post race tech inspections.

I would like to know what made the fuel illegal. Everyone pushes the very limits of tech inspection rules.....thats the racing way. It looks like something was right outside the barrier. These guys would be stupid to cheat on purpose.......I doubt they did.


I agree! I am sure we will get more info because Team Yamaha has some damage control to do.

It would not make sense for them to cheat on least from our view. But allow me to play devils advocate for a moment. Remember when Chad's bike locked up, I think in a heat race.. And then there were the rumors of the 2-strokes having difficulty getting the HP numbers up to where they used to be before the mandatory fuel change. I wonder if the lockup was due to pushing the engine too hard with the new fuel, then they just gave up and went back to a fuel that was easier make HP with. Were all of the guilty riders on 2-strokes? Just a conspiracy theory; with that many people caught either it was intentional and everyone knew about it, or it was an error and some poor race gas supplier is about to get his butt in a sling. :)

I feel fairly certain that Reed, DV, et al, have nothing to do with gassing their own bikes. Whether this was a caclulated risk by someone on the race team or a screw up by the fuel supplier, the truth will probably be difficult to determine for certain.

However, if you read the MXA test of Reed's bike and all the problems they were having with fouling plugs using the new unleaded fuel, you might start to become suspicious.... :)

the tranny locked up, not the piston/cylinder.

if you go back and look, 3 guys push that bike to the semi with the rear tire NOT rolling. that's a tranny problem, not a "motor" problem.

the tranny locked up, not the piston/cylinder.

if you go back and look, 3 guys push that bike to the semi with the rear tire NOT rolling. that's a tranny problem, not a "motor" problem.

Agreed tranny problem. But if he lost a rod bearing, could the debris have caused a locked up tranny? Just being the devils advocate.

Did they ever say what actually failed on the bike?

no, a rod bearing can't affect the tranny on a 2smoke.

the crank is sealed from the rest. otherwise, you'd have tranny oil in the intake fuel charge and somehow i just don't see that working! :)

Coutesy Yamaha Motor Corporation USA

Cypress, CA (April 24, 2004) Yamaha Motor Corporation USA was notified on Friday evening April 23, 2004 at the Salt Lake City supercross that factory racers David Vuillemin, Chad Reed and Yamaha privateer Tyson Hadsell had been penalized 25 points each by AMA Pro Racing for using illegal fuel during the Dallas Supercross. Team Yamaha is baffled by the findings, the timing, and the unprecedented 25 point deduction and plan to appeal the ruling.

AMA Pro Racing implemented new fuel requirements beginning with the 2004 season. The AMA informed teams of available fuel field testing equipment. Team Yamaha purchased the equipment and subsequent testing at each race returned levels meeting AMA requirements. Prior to the Dallas supercross, Team Yamaha’s fuel had most recently been tested, and passed, after Chad Reed and David Vuillemin finished 1st and 2nd at the San Francisco supercross.

Team Yamaha, Tyson Hadsell, David Vuillemin, and Chad Reed are disappointed with the AMA decision but remain focused on the Salt Lake City supercross. Chad Reed will be aiming for his 11th supercross victory of the year, and is optimistic that the championship is within reach at Salt Lake City, or May 1, 2004 at Las Vegas round.

You know this is just like the AMA! Clearly they haven't heard the phrase " If it ain't broke Don't fix it!". There wasn't anything wrong with the gas prior to this season. If any of you remember the deal with AMA and Clear Channel a while back. Same as the thing with K-dub and DV. Supercross has always been a rub'ins race'in sport, after that, everyones afraid to even touch one another for fear of points deduction.


Better yet why would Yamaha sacrifice the championship, its rep. or the rep of their riders over one race???


I'm on the fence with the changes. I do agree with the no bumping rules. I love to see a clean race where the faster guy wins, I hate to see someone take the whimps way out and knock over the person who is a threat. As for the fuel, I imagine they did it for pollution reasons. On one hand I doubt that the little bit of leaded race fuel burned by our bikes would cause any significant pollution issues. But on the other hand if they're forced to run unleaded race fuel then that means they will do more development with that fuel which will hopefully mean engines that perform better on unleaded (pump?) fuel for the rest of us in the future.

And the Yammy guys have an appeal in on it also. We'll see how that turns out I'm sure.

Someone please keep us informed, I'm itching to know what happened!

Did you see the interview with Keith on the ESPN broadcast last night? he said Team Yamaha uses the test kit "recommended" by the AMA and it tested that the fuel was fine. Looks like another slug fest coming.

If Reed wins the championship it will probably go away.

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