Cost for new 04 XR650L?

What's a good price for a new 2004 650L? Going to dealership to pick one up. Thanks for the help.

List price is $5,500.00, no taxes or other fees. A "good" price would be lower than that out the door, plus some extras to go along with it.

Sharpen up those negotiation skills.

Out the door for 5100 with gap insurance a helment, gloves and backpack!!! Manassas, Va. Honda is the BEST!!!

Way to go. Now the fun really begins...uncorking the stuffed "BFP" Big Fat Pig! Do a search and you'll find a hundreds of messages about the not so difficult process.

Have fun, ride hard & ride safe.

I'm all about that. I have been lurking this site for 3 weeks and it's one of the reasons i didn't buy a DR. 40 miles my first day and i love IT!!

If you love it now, just wait until it's uncorked. :)

After you uncork it, if you plan to ride off road invest in a set off DOT approved Knobs, they will help keep you upright in the dirt after it rains.


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