Mt. Morris PA Nationals!!

I am going to my first National this weekend and was hoping you guys could give me some advise as to what I can expect. My wife and 12 year old son will be with me. I know that we should get there early to beat the traffic. We will be staying at a hotel in Morgantown, WV.

Any advice as to the best spot to watch the races, getting pit passes.....etc? :)

Hey, I live 15 minutes from the track and I will also be up at High Point this weekend. The easiest way to get to High Point from Morgantown is to go like you are going to get on the highway near sheetz and just keep going through the light. You could also get back on the 79North and go to the Mt Morris exit and just follow the signs. There is not a bad spot to watch the races at High Point.

See you this weekend

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