Any tricks to removing STATOR????

I need to remove my stator and have never delved into that part of my engine. Is there anything that I should watch out for or are there any tricks to making it easier?

Thanks all for your help.

On my XR600R, it's a pretty simple operation. I had to remove my shifter and unhook the clutch. Then I just removed the left-hand crankcase cover, unbolted and unplugged the stator. You might want to pick up a new gasket for the crankcase cover. Hope it's that easy for you.


I just took mine off today for the stator upgrade. The epoxy is curing as I type! It's pretty easy. Take off your seat, and unplug the four wires that come up from the stator, under the seat. Unhook the clutch cable, remove the four case mounting bolts and remove the side case. I didn't have to remove my shifter, but did have to hold it down to remove the bolt that was behind it. Make a small cut in the gasket on top of the rubber grommet and carefully pull the grommet out. The rest is pretty straight forward. The whole removal process only took me about 20 minutes.

Good Luck!

Winkel :)

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