yzf 250 or yzf 426?

I've done some racing in the last 3 years but with road race bikes (Aprilia RS 250, RS 500, Yamaha R6). Apart from the odd run through the woods with my brother's Wr 200, You can consider me as a novice to the thumper world. Now due to injuries from my last serious off, I've decided to take a break from roadracing and try some off-roading just for fun, with friends. As they ride on all terrain(track, etc.) I'm still wondering what would be best: a YZF 250 or 426. It's the weight of the 426 that keeps me in doubt, as the prices in Belgium are practically the same. I've ridden my brother's WR 250 and it has good drive and is fun, but would the YZF 250 be the best bike to go for? Will the power of the 250 be enough after 2 months? what do you think?


member of TPN racing

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