Anyone know how to make a 2004 WR450F street legal in California?

Hi :usa:,

I sold my XR650L and bought a WR450F thinking I could make it street legal in California, but I can't :usa:. I like the weight difference and it's fun out in the desert but it's just not the same anymore. I miss being able to ride on streets to trails that are close by :D. I heard I could register it out of state but how? Do I need to get out of state insurance for it too? How does this work? Has anyone done this before? :lol: I feel like I wasted my money and I don't want to sell it to get something that's already street legal. This is the best bike I ever had. I just miss the freedom of being able to go anywhere like I did before!!! :D :D :D

Sorry for all the cryin' but I have the let all these built up emotions out. Can anyone help me out here? :usa: Thanks a million! :)

HEY go get a 00 wr400 and then stuff the 450 into it and register it as "special construction", you will be shreddin forrest roads in no time

Check your post on the D/S page. Hope it helps.

That's a very tricky thing to do with that particular bike. A KTM woulda been easier.

It may however be possible to still pull the vermont trick off with your bike. I would talk to Dale at trick dual sport. He'll be able to give the feasibility of getting your bike legal.

Try these two links.

I'll try everyone! Thanks!! :)

Has anyone succeeded in getting even a green sticker bike (i-e. KTM, CRF-X, etc.) plated after January 31st? I was under the impression that under the new rules it had to have a California on-road emission sticker to qualify and that a green sticker alone was not adequate. I read the info on "special construction". Anyone actually got that to fly also?

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