Any problems or issues with buying a canadian 426?


First post here.

I'm thinking about purchasing a canadian 02 YZ426 from a guy in Washington who imports them.

First of all, the price is $4900 plus $75 to ship it to SLC, Utah. Sound like a good price? Are there better deals elsewhere?

Second, are there any differences between the canadian and u.s. models?

Third, any warnings or horror stories about purchasing a bike in this manner?



i have a canadian 426, no problems so far, and that is one REALLY good price man :)

My 250F is Canadian. Had no problems at all with the purchase. Probably the easiest vehicle purchase I've made.

That is a very good price in my opinion... and the shipping, are you kidding, $75 from anywhere to SLC, is a deal.

Joker did you get a green sticker? If so any tricks? I think I pm'd you about this in the past.

Eh !

Did they Throw in the Beer Eh!

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I think they come with different tires and you will be buying it as "used" since it had to be imported for outside the U.S.

Thanks for the replies.

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