stearing wabble

I put on some D606 tires on my 650 and took it for a spin(on the street)the other day and it ran fine. I took it out again last night(street) and noticed quite a bit of wabble on the front end. I got home and put the bike on a stand and spun the tire and it was straight as can be. I also double checked the front axle making sure it was tight and no problems there. Any suggestions? I have a D/S ride coming up next week and I dont want to be worrying about it.


I used the 606 front once. I do remember thet the tire is directional.Small arrow on the sidewall.Hope this will help.

are you running slime?

Tire is on correctly, arrow is going in the right direction.

Slime??? :)

Slime is that green stuff (its a tire sealant) some folks pour into their tubes. If the tube gets a small hole / puncture in it, the slime will automatically seal the hole. There's both good and bad sides to this product.

No slime that I know of. I had tires changed at a local shop, they use a watery substance.

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