Photo of a std WR450 2004 model?

Can anyone post a good side on view photo (or link) of a std wr450 2004 model please? Looking to get one, and want an 04 not an 03, (flywheel problems sound like a 'mare!). I have a photo of one for sale as a 2004, but I think it is an o3 registered in 04?

Hamish, cheers for the earlier reply, but I can't see the bars in the photo I have and the forks look like a cross betwen silver and gold colour!!

Yamaha website has rubbish photos that are sooo smal I cannot se the decal scheme on them!

Any help is really appreciated guys, I wanna try to get to see it tomorrow, but its over 100 miles away, and I dont want a wasted trip!!! :)

OZ Yamaha site has some pics

Cheers Hamish. I think it is an 03, cos the 04 on the oz site has diff side decals, with a sort of "flash within the flash". The one for sale does not.

Forks look the same colour though, a sort of off silver. mmmm???

I saw a wr450 on the trails today, and the only differances are the gold forks and.. thats about it.

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