oil drain bolt hole stripped .... any ideas how to fix?


I striped the hole for the magnetic oil drain plug.

The Bolt is 12M 1,50mm threads. (Not 1,25 or 1,75).

First I was thinking of getting a HeliCoil repair kit. But I coudn't find any w/ the 1,50 pitch.

Then at an auto parts store I found some 'oversized' oil drain plugs for 12mm ... but only in 1.75 amd 1,25.

Any good ideas how to fix?


You should be able to get a heli-coil, or even better a timesert insert and fix the stripped threads. Do a search and you should find lots of info :)

I have a box of Heli-coils in that thread size... they are available... the TimeCert is a stronger fix, but they are a bit harder to come across...

Good luck,


My godfather cut out a plug out of aluminum on his lathe, and we drilled and helicoiled it. Works great no problems! :)

Try this link for Time-Sert repair kit


You can also call them 1-800-423-4070 to find out where to get hold of one....and then start looking for a good torque wrench to avoid this in the future :)

Just did a heli coil in mine

get a 12mm by 1,55 as you said.

Make dog gone sure the tap goes in straight, no need to drill anything just clean what you can from the bad area and use plenty of Thick axle grease to gather the chips.

Take you time, go a few threads at a time and back out to clean and regrease the tap.

Just a side note, Leave the original oil in until your done with the tap and coil. Then drain the oil.

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