03 Starter Upgrade Bushing

I have all the parts for the upgrade except the $.76 bushing. It's on back order. I thought I read that someone was making the bushing to sell. Or dose any one have an extra one that they would sell. Thanks :)

The following information was posted by BajaFool on a different Thumpertalk thread. They might have one bushing left. I got the other one.....

"ARSarizona, I got the part number for the bushing from the label on the bag it came in from Yamaha. My parts guy (he isn't really "my guy" that's just a figure of speech ) had a little trouble finding the part at first. But, after some searching he found it and 3 days later it was in my hand. I believe that the "- 00" on the end of the part number is important.

Update, I just called my Yamaha dealer and had him find this part on his computer p/n 90380-10002-00. It came up instantly and in addition, it showed he had two in stock (which he had ordered with my original order). He suggested that when your parts guy entered the part number he entered it wrong (note that "-" and "00s" are important) or your dealer does not have updated parts microfiche. Remember, the bushing is for a 2004 motorcycle. If you still can't get the part from your local dealer, here is the plan, call Motoworld of El Cajon, El Cajon, CA 619-442-3338. Anyone from parts can help you, but Scott is the head man. The part is $.99 retail. Remember this however, if you use a California dealer to fix your problem, you have to agree that the Golden State rules and that all of the water Arizona takes from the Colorado River really does belong to California."

Thanks I saw that thread after I posted mine. I'll try them on Monday. :)

Someone beat me to that part by about 15 minutes :). Anyone else have any suggestions. I don't whant to wait all summer for a $.96 part.

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