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Just installed a dual sport kit on the 21st. took the bike out for a ride today and found a long straight back road to let it breath. 5th gear hit 79mph before the rev limiter kicked in. I am still running the stock tires, I have dual sport tires on order (pirelli MT21 front and rear) they just haven't arived yet.I am also going to go to a 15 tooth sprocket on the front so we will see what we get next time.

How did you determine the top speed?

Dansgarage. I purchased those same tires, and they are awesome! Don't know how long they will last on the road, but I used them for MX on the hard packed tracks, and couldn't believe the traction. They do hold up well. I also wanted a higher top speed, but didn't want to give up my MX gearing. So I bought 5th gear from the WR and installed that. That way, I still can MX, or race thru the tree's, but when I get to a firetrail or open area, I just let it fly! Just thought you might like to know. Maniac

How did I get the top speed? I have a Topeak Panorama computer!


What kind of changes does the wr fith gear make? How much was it? Did you install yourself or pay to have it done (if paid how much)?


What's that? Does it go on your bike like a bicycle computer?


Yes it was originaly disigned as a bicycle computer but they are also now making them for motorcycles. Check with Electrex (look under their new Dakar dual sport kit) or baja designes (click on the yz and wr link on the bottom left of the page, then go to the bottom left again and under the yz/wr link will be a accesories link click on it. go throught the accesories untill you find it) they both cary them. the new version is called the Endurance.

That sounds pretty cool. I'll check into it. Thanks for the info.

no prob man! :)

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