looking for stock 03 YZ450 header

my poor friend Rick seems to have smashed his stock header pipe on his 03 YZ450. Any of you guys got a stocker laying around that you would like to sell? cash waiting. thanks!

i have one,to bad it has a giant dent in it just like his,get a stainless one from dr.D [dubachracing] its only $100,only thing is its a lowboy pipe so it blocks the oil filter cover,making a pain in the arse oil change even more of a pain.


You could also have you friend check out West Coast Pipe Repair I have heard some very good things about them, and for $50 it's a pretty good deal.

The stock Ti head pipe is really weak when it's hot. I'm on my 3rd one (actually went to a stainless one). The stainless one is a little heavier but I think it mellowed out the hit. The stainless header has a 2 mm smaller inside diameter (wall thickness is greater) with the same outside diameter. Maybe that is why the power is different. Anyway the stainless header is way tougher than the Ti.

There is a whole 03 system on e-bay for $50.00. Just saw it.

i have heard a 426 header will fit the 450,anyone know of any truth to this? :)

I had to replace mine also.Does any one make some sort of guard for a little protection?

e-line makes carbon fibre guards for pipes. They ain't cheap though

I just had a nice dent removed from my Ti pipe by Pacific Crest Pipe Repair (www.piperepair.com).

The work was awesome, fast turnaround. $50 plus shipping

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