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2004 TTR90 clutch?

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When running the bike runs great. Starting it is the problem. Every few times you kick it the clutch engages and does not rotate the engine so it can start. I have been able to turn the clutch adjuster (on the left side of the engine) to get it started. When the clutch is adjusted correctly (for when it is running) the problem is intermittent. I have pulled the clutch out and inspected it. The outer basket had very little wear (I removed any grooves to ensure that is not the problem), the inner hub and clutch plates looked like new. The primary gear had a little bit of play where it mounts to the outer basket.


I do not have the service manual on this bike to know what the minimum clutch spring length is. Also curious if the drum that mounts on the right side of the crank could have any effect?  Just looking for clutch specs and any recommendation you have to look at.


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