flywheel w/weight for sale

I have a stock 2001 flywheel with a 14oz zipty weight on it. I have the spacer and all the parts that came with the kit. I used this thing for woods riding and loved it, it did well on the track too. You could use your stock flywheel for racing and this one for the trips to the woods. I am asking $200.

ill give you $150.00 , i can get a steahly 14 0z weight installed on a stock flywheel for $165.00 from my dealer and it would be balanced. thats getting it direct from steahly. :)

my flywheel and weight are ballanced already. I had them installed at my local shop. If all I was selling was the weight and kit I would accept your offer but I am throwing in a flywheel as well so I am going to stick to $200 plus shipping! Thanks for the offer though

But a weight already mounted on a Flywheel (exactly what you're selling) retails for $199 directly from Steahly. The weight kit alone retails for $149 directly from Steahly. Sorry, but you'll never get $200 for something that is used and retails for $200. You better jump on the $150 offer while it stands.

I'm not trying to be smart or rude, but think about it.

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I appreciate your advice but the $200 stands. I looked at the stealthy weights and they didn't seem as good of quality as the zipty one that I bought. this one actually attaches to the flywheel with bolts which I feel is more secure and safe. This kit retails for $150, install is at least $50 and you have to use your flywheel. this is a fair deal and If it doesn't go for the $200 I will just keep it for future use. thanks though.

Basically he wants what he paid for it when it was brand new. Now it is used and he still wants the same price. NOT

everyone is missing the point here. Yes the kit with install cost me $200 and yes I am selling it for $200, but you also get my flywheel which you don't get in the kit if you order it from white brothers! Get it?

If you call steahly that price that i can get through my dealer come's "with" the weight and flywheel + installed...... so therefore i dont have to put the weight on my flywheel when it comes from steahly with a flywheel.thats what i was saying so therefore im not going to buy a used one for 200 when i can have 2 flywheels for the cost of 165.00. ill just order a new that way i know what im getting, ie..not trying to be smart either just more logical this is where white brothers screwed ya lol steahly gives you a flywheel :) later ian


Yes I will include shipping in the $200. I sent you a e-mail regarding this as well. Let me know!

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