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1983xl600r frame with xr650l motor

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Hello thumpers I recently finished my xr650l motor build with 10.5 .1 cr and nx650 2nd and 5th gears, I also finished powder coating up the1983  xl600r frame, now after measuring all the bolt holes from motor to frame they seem to be on point but when I tried to fit the motor in it  and it seems I need a 1/2 inch more to get by the front down tubes, I had the oil lines on which I allready know need to come off and the swing arm is on the frame which I think might need to come back off, sitting on the bike the only way I see it can go inn is from right side, does anyone have pics of the 650l motor in a 1983 xl600r frame?? I allready know abought air box and have that solution but any advise other than what I mentioned needs to come off would be appreciated thank you, ! p;s I did read some topics on people thinking on doing this but no real info on if it has or any pics!. ive been told it will fit and I think eventually it will ,maybe I am approaching this wrong if so please correct me.!

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