Jots got back from agreat day of supercross and fun. I wanted to share some pics of my son and wife with our favorite two riders. I will post more pics and some highlights of the event on our web site tomorrow. For now here are two very cool pics!

My 22 month old son, Jacob, and David.


My wife, son and Chad Reid.



Did you check the fuel those two are using ?? LOL JUST KIDDING!!

Blackie...I actually saw your wife and boy with Chad from across the arena! I saw the crowd form and saw her go up there when my boy was headed over to get Chad's autograph.

Sweet race and the riders couldn't be nicer to the kids. :)

We had a great time...just gotta rinse all the dirt outta my mouth now. :D

Can't wait for next week!


That's cool! That was an awesome race. We really had a great time. I was surprised by how nice the riders were as well. My wife wants to go to Las Vegas now! She and the kid both had a blast!


We have a little race highlight with some more pics of the event. You can check this out SLC Race Highlights.

I like the web site! The race was a blast!


Did you watch the ESPN2 coverage last night? I swear I was in one of the crowd shots! It was cool to watch the coverage and compare what I saw in person. Man, I missed a lot of the race from where I was sitting.


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