Broken headlight.

Got into a little gravel road dragrace. I got pelted with a lot of rocks. When I got back to the truck I noticed my headlight lense was shattered. :)

'98 WR400

First question. Does anyone make guards for them. I am thinking just a plastic piece that velcroes over it or something like that. Then you can pop it off for night riding.

Second question. Can I get the broken piece replaced through the aftermarket? I think it is still the stocker even though the bike has a Baja Designs kit on it. Maybe not. It has a dual filament(sp?) bulb. Did the stocker? I will try an auto parts store Monday. It says on the remaining glass that it is a Stanley product with a part #.

Btw, I didn't lose the race. The kid I was going against jumped the start so I had to get past him and then show him my taillight. :D

Heard that an inexpensive guard for a truck rally/fog light lense is about the same size and will bolt right over the top of most bike headlights. I have not been able to find one yet for my UFO headlight. So I keep my distance following on gravel roads.

I should have stayed back but beating a young punk was to tempting.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this topic?

The OEM light is about $120... go with aftermarket and save some bucks.

For a long gravel road ride I did one year, I cut a piece of thick cardboard and taped it on. Recneck light protector!


I covered the lens with a 1/8" piece of plexiglass, secured it with clear packing tape. But that was on an ugly DRZ that had a good for nothing headlight anyway, no idea of how it will effect the brightness of a real light. Haven't done anything to the WR yet, in the mean time I just stay in front!

Standard headlight on 01-426 is stanley#5128(i can measure up the size if you want?),yep with low and highbeam bulb,maybe you can find an after market headlight and remove it from the plastic suround if you want to keep the one you have?.DHH make a nice replacement headlight(the road legal version) :thumbsup:

Same on the '98. I need to get up off my behind and start trying to source it from somewhere other than the dealer. They are expensive.

I made my own guard out of clear pelixglass, cut it out like the light lense and super tape it on. Super tape is velcro like but a lot stronger, you can get it at Radio Shack. This guard works well in the damage protection department and you loose a little light quality when riding but not much. The stock light is an awesome unit and very expensive. Street bikes use protecters like this so you can see what they look like in your area. Good Luck.

Baja Designs makes a steel grill headlight protector,

I picked one up about a year ago works great, cheap, looks cool. It should be stock with there dual sport kit but its not.

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