Has anyone bought a new camshaft lately and had trouble getting it? My dealer can't get it in its backorderd and he has no date to when it should be in.Guess lots of ppl are in need of them, or they are not getting to Canada.Its the final piece to my blown up engine. Does anyone know of a dealer that has one or can get one. camshaft assy 1 ."Its part # 5be121701000"


Just curious, why not go with a more radical aftermarket set of cams if you need to replace them? Is only one ruined and you don't have the cash for two new ones?

You could also try Hotcams, inlet & exhaust cams available at $160 each... I don't think they have a web site, but I bought a pair through MX South.

Yeah, what those guys said. :) I don't think the cams will give a large increase in power but they can tayler the power delivery. I was looking into some rev cams for my 400. They also make torque cams.

yeah just one cam is ****ed. i didn't know they made after market cams what are the name brands of some?

Unless things have changed lately, Falicon doesn't make any cams for the 426. They DO make some cam sprocket adpators that fit the 400/426 cams that allow you to degree the cams. These are adaptors for a sport bike but also fit the 426. I emailed them several months ago about cam grinds for my 426 and they replied that they don't make cams for 2-strokes. Uh huh.

Jon Escombe

Can you give us an update on your Hot Cams? I am very interested in hearing real world results from teh hot cams! Please post something for us!


Do you guys think its worth getting some after market cams, i just need one and i don't realy have the money.Do any of you guys have a good connection with a dealer that could get a cam in a matter of weeks? I'm getting no results anywere around here, and i want to ride soon.Getting one form u guys is my only hope now.

If you don't have the money, then you don't have the money. You can't run one stock and one hot cam, you must run a matched set I believe. The best bet is to get some numbers for the larger dealers off the net and start making phone calls. I'll try my local dealer tomorrow to see when he can get a cam. It's a Mom and Pop store so there is only a slim chance they can get it fast.


The Hotcams gave more top end (7.5k & up) at the expense of some bottom (5.5k & below).

A useful trade for Supermoto, but I'm honestly not sure I'd have the talent to keep it on the pipe around a motocross track?

HTH, JonE.

Adam: Email me at My dealer can get them in a day or so and is willing to ship to you in Canada. $150 roughly plus whatever the shipping costs. I'll give you the number and you can straighten out the details with them.


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