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Need help!!! 2002 yz125 ceased even after rebuild!!


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So a couple months back I bought a 02 yz125 too get back into riding again I have the bike for a couple days and one day when I’m riding I pull the clutch in and the bike stalls and when I go to kick it, it’s ceased. I got home took it all apart took the cylinder off and the top end was perfectly fine and the bike was still locked up so I assumed it needed a bottom end rebuild. I ordered a whole entire wrench rabbit rebuild kit and when I started to take the engine apart I started on the clutch side first and as soon as I took the clutch cover off and all the oil drained out and stuff the bike was able to turn over perfectly. I looked it up and assumed it was a temporary ceased bearing but I ignored it and went ahead with the whole rebuild. I rebuilt the whole entire engine with a buddy of mine who is very experienced with mechanics as well as myself and everything was turning over and moving flawlessly I put the whole entire bike together and went to go kick it and it was ceased!!!!! Again!!!!!! Me not even knowing where to start or what happened I decided to just take the clutch cover off, as soon as I took it off the bike turned over flawlessly again. I put it back on and ceased again!!! I was so confused I took the pressure plate off everything looks perfectly fine no cracks or dents or chips anything of that nature took all the plates out everything looks perfectly normal but as soon as I put it back together and throw the clutch cover on ceased!! Also the clutch does engage if I put the bike in gear and pull the clutch in, the bike will roll so I am so lost and I have so much money into it I’d hate to part it out and I haven’t even put 10 hours on this bike!! This bike is becoming a money pit for me with no positive results! Someone please help

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The cover or one of the bolts must be hitting something. It's obviously not siezed which is a term most commonly referring to the piston and cylinder. Put the cover on and don't tighten it all the way and see if it turns over. Start snugging the bolts down as you turn the engine over. All of this will be easier with the spark plug out. Listen for the binding or grinding as you tighten the bolts. If the cover is hitting, you should see some marks on the backside and that will give you something to go by.

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Give us some videos or some pictures this is one of those cases of user error the bike is perfectly fine…We’ve all been there when we overthink it but this has been going on way too long to still not have figured out. Either you aren’t very experienced with rebuilds or something is truly broken. I would never do a rebuild with someone else always do it yourself so you know the work or have a shop do it. Put all the bolts where they go when disassembled and take a lot of pictures and videos.

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