Down and back pegs from IMS or?

I asked this question a while back and a few of you answered back saying that you had them on order, any response yet? I have heard that IMS and a few other companies make them, any suggestion on which are better, cost, model names? I was thinking of putting them on my YZF400 with Button high-bends to open up the steering compartment a bit...6' rider.... I know about the new top clamp but I don't want to invest that type of money on the bike as I plan on getting a new one this fall. That and any advice on maybe a softer seat foam? Thanks for any input.

Clayman :)

You can take your existing footpegs and make them 1/2" down and back,Cut the barrel off the bottom and weld it to the top,then swap your springs.your spring should now be on top! Also i'm 6'3" even this small amount helps! Shifting,braking and standing have a little bit more room.

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i feel your pain. i am 6,2. this is what i did and i feels great. i put tag top clap on with 10mm higher risers with cr double high bars. this gives 125mm on bar hight. the only hight way would be to put pastrana free style bars on. they come 121mm. then i put enought seat foam in to make it almost flat. then i took the pegs and cut the par off the bottom and welded it on the top. this lowers it and inch and puts it back an inch. this set up has worked out very well for me. infact i felt so good with it i rode too hard the first time and crashed into a tree.

I'm 6'3 also and have done similar mods like everyone else, triple clamps, bars, and a taller seat. I need to take care of the pegs soon, I hear it makes a big difference. As far as the seat I went with SDG. The seat comes complete with taller foam and cover installed just bolt it on.SDG

when you cut the barrel off the pegs to move them lower, is re-welding the barrel to the peg necessary? it seems like it would be fine to just re-assemble the peg without welding.

In the original post of that mod, some have not re-welded the spacer. I see no reason either if you have rounded the corners good and cleand off all the burs.

I am thnking of doing this today, My dang foot gets hooked up under the shifter and is annoying as heck.

6'2" feet about the same size :)


I did the Peg mod and it is great. It took me inside 30 minutes, both pegs start to finish.

results so far my shift foot has better range and dosnt feel as cramped with the shifter. Brake is more at lenght giving me the feel of leverage. In general I feel more comfortable on the bike. Amazing what a smal adjustment will do...

For you all thinking of buying a set of pegs, try the mod first save some bucks. If you dont like it then buy the pegs. For me they feel great, Next step is to get a moose steel shifter and bend it to fit my style........

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I was going to try it tomorrow... How did you cut the barrel off? Did you use a washer or anything to make up the slack of the cut, or did you weld it back together? What is the reason for going to the A-loop shifter? Thanks for the input! :)


No washer yet I looked at it and figured thats a toss up. I was just to lazy to get down to the hardware store, probably Tomarow.

Even though the space is not noticable and the pegs are still real tight.

Cutting was done with a fine toothe Carbon hacksaw. Just mounted it in the Vise and took my time with even slow strokes, cut real straight and fast (Surpised there).

Did not re-weld it, dont think it needs to. All in all its looks as stock as a new one cant even tell.

The shifter for me is personal prefreance, I dont like the shifter anywhere near my foot, I like to lift my foot to stab it. Just prefreance and comfort..

Good luck

Again I did the mod to the pegs. Rode the bike the first time Monday and man it was a comfortable feeling. I not once got the shift foot tangled up under the shifter.

Only thing I had to do otherwise was re-adjust the rear break, and whammo on the trail again.

I am 6'2" feet the same size and this mod made a world of differance for comfort and that cramped feeling, as well as the comfort for the shift and brake.

Anyone over 6' I would suggest this mod.....

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