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6D ATR-2 vsKali Shiva carbon

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Just thought some of you high end helmet hounds would like my comparison between the 6D ATR-2 and the Kali Shiva Carbon. 

After a more than righteous head knock on my old four year old Soumy helmet I thought it may be time to look for a new lid. 

Obiviously I wanted something that was offering the latest in brain protection. I researched all of the best offerings from Bell, 6D, Klim, Fly, Shoei, Ariai , and Kali. I narrowed it down to the Kali Shiva Carbon and the 6D ATR-2. Mostly cause the Bell and Arai really did not fit my head at all and the Shoei ( although very comfortable) was just a bit dated for the tech, even though it was their newest offering. 

I ordered the 6D from my favorite shop who helped my realize that I needed different sized pads in a large shell and the Kali from their website as there were no local distributors. 

My first impressions of the 6D were that it was very light weight for the protection they offered. I loved the feel of the helmet and it really fits my head perfectly.  The fit and finish are impeccable and it is very comfortable  

The Kali Shiva was incredibly light and has a significantly smaller shell. I wanted to try this helmet as they seem just as passionate about the protection and technology they put into their products. They have incredible features that are really on the bleeding edge of this forefront. 

At the end of the day the features on the 6D blow past the Kali considering that there is only 100$ price difference between these two lids. The 6D is plush and comfortable where the Kali is spartan with its padding. The weight difference is considerably different though. On the scale of +/- 500 grams. The biggest place you feel this is in the shell siz of the helmet. Where the Kali feels sleek and almost non existent the 6D kinda makes you feel like a bobble head when you look in the mirror. 

This has been a huge deal for me. Comfort vs sleekness and less rotating mass. Each manufacturer has their own arguments about this I rather let you decide. 

After a couple of days of trying on both helmets I have to say I’m going to keep the 6D. Despite the larger shell and bobble head appearance ( really only noticed in the mirror ) this helmet just offers more protection and comfort vs the other. I really wanted to like and keep the Shiva but at the end of the day it just doesn’t fit and seems lacking to the competition.  The rebuildable quality to the 6D is huge as well. I applaud both company’s for using materials designed to take multiple impacts and look forward to seeking this in other manufacturers in the future but 6D takes it to a new level here. 

So I’m gonna live with the bobble head and hopefully my intact brain for the foreseeable future here. I’m sure there’s much to debate but I just wanted to share some of my real world trails with the public. As always YMMV

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I've been on the fence over the 6d atr-2.  Good write up. Could you post a pic of the bag? 

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On 12/1/2018 at 1:20 AM, Freemotion said:

I did a review on the atr-2 as well.


Currently testing it against the new supertech m10 from alpinestars. 

So far, id say spend the money on 6d. 

I’m interested in why you think that. I wanted to try that one as well but couldn’t get my hands on it. Looking forward to your review. 

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