Nooob alert, CA street legal Q's, its got a plate but...

Yep, FNG here and I need advice, I also searched first but couldnt find what I needed so please be gentle.

I am working on a 01 YZ426 & the guy who owns it wants to sell it. Its what I want if the license makes it street legal.

Its got a head light and a hard plate. I have questions about the lighting system but will get to that later if I buy it.

Question, is a hard plate street legal or are there different levels of license plates?

The guy who owns it doesnt know anything and is currently getting divorced and all his paper is buried in storage.

Thanks for any help.

What do you mean when you say it's got a hard plate? Do you mean it has a license plate? If it already has a plate and the tags aren't expired it is street licensed. And if it has the proper equipment then it is street legal. There are not different levels of license plates. If it doesn't have a license plate don't buy it thinking you can just run down to the DMV and get one. The DMV has made it nearly impossible to get a plate for a dirt bike.

If it already has a plate and the tags aren't expired it is street licensed

Yes it has a license plate, but tags are expired. So even though this thing isnt even close lighting wise, its licensed for the street though. Just need to transfer and re-register right? The lighting I can take of, I just want the plate.

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