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02 cr250 build questions, case cleaning, electrical

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Hello! trying to get back into research mode on here for my upcoming rebuild. I have a 2002 CR250 stripped to the frame currently.

New 07 crank, new cylinder/proX piston, Dual sport lighting, 2016 TX plastic conversion, dual sport/supermoto wheel setup

I just got my Honda manual and am getting a bench cleared up to disassemble. while it's apart, I was wanting to clean and paint the cases. are there any good resources out there on this? I really like the gold/magnesium cerekote look to the newer two stroke engines.
specific brands of paint/coating that bond and hold up better to heat/mud? This bike will primarily be a shop queen/weekend pavement pounder so I  want to get it looking the best I can!

For lighting, anyone run the 50w Ricky Stator Coil? I was going to run a headlight and turn signals and a GPS/Tach, dont think a fan will be necessary.

As for the head.. I can either send my stock one out (RB-Designs) to have it re-cut. I was planning on running either 50/50 ethonal free 93 to 100ll AV gas, or strait 100llAV. a  recut head will roughly be 100 bucks, or I could spring for an aftermarket like Phathead, but I haven;t looked too much into them or performance gains.

I have my stock mikuni TMX to use, and also the stock mikuni off my '17 Husqvarna, that might work!

Wheels and tires are going to be down the line towards the end. I have my stock setup of 19/21 that I could put some dual sport tires on, or a set of stock hubs that could be laced to a 17 rear and some wide tires. I need to look into some good sprocket combos to start with for on road 50mph road use. either way, I will be looking into upgrading my Brakes to atleast an oversized front caliper and new Master cylinders.



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