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250f choice

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Hi guys im debating on getting a kx250f or crf250r for mainly track and occasional trail ride, the years would be 2012 or newer and under 4 grand. I just sold my yz125 and i wanna move up to a 250f

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I have Kx250F 2013 for almost 2 years now and have about 60-70 hours on it - no issues.

(I had a couple of surgeries in the same period and didn't have the chance to ride all the time )

My front forks are replaced with pneumatic ones from KX450F 2013, so I'm not able to give feedback for the stock forks.


 - start very easy - my nephew is 8 years old and he is able to start it

- very powerful as for 250 cc

- feels very light in weight

- very compact around the fuel tank and radiators - gives better feeling when cornering

- 3 maps - if couplers are not available with the bike you can get them brand new for about 20 Euros (in Bulgaria)

- if brakes are well maintained I find them very good (I updated the front rotor to oversized one, but I think I don't find that big difference)

I think first two points are because of the 2 injectors available for that bike


- even it starts easy, I do prefer to have el. starter 🙂

- you need to use the choke every start of the reace day - it is annoying for me to have fuel injected engine with manual choke.

- in general all the 250cc of Kawasaki in the last years are kind a noisy at idle speed ( you will notice that only the first 2-3 rides)


In general I'm happy with the bike and only the el. starter is something I really need and would change the bike because of that.

I hope that gives you some points and general idea, good luck!

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