rough or wont idle

I just got my bike out for my first big ride this year and after it got warm it wound not idle :mad:It would either go way high or just stall out and it ran very rough? When you were on the gas hard it would run good until you let off then you could hear the rough running again. Does anybody have a hint on this, I was thinking there might be a piece of gunk or sumthing in my pilot jet??? Please help this really sucks :)

my yz250f wont idle when the cluch is pulled in you can turn the air scew a little and that should help but i dont know wich way :)

Check your pilot jet out. Best bet is to pull the carb and clean it really well. Probably just got junk in it.

Needs a cleaning. If your going to let it sit for over a month, drain the gas out of the carb. :)

Thanks for the help guys!!! :) I am going to tear into the carb this thrusday!

Most likely too rich a pilot. Rich pilots make the bike run rough and want to stall when idling. Pull in the hot start to see if it picks up revs. :)

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