$4499 out the door?

I found a dealer reasonably near by offering a new 2003 XR650 for $4499 out the door. Does this sound pretty reasonable? It does to me, I am pricing the installation of a dual sport kit as well.


Decent, tell him a flat 4000, or go outta state so ya don't pay tax.

I'm already going out of state for this deal. A flat $4,000? That would indeed be sweet. I find it hard to believe they would go that low but If I have to drive a day to get the damn bike that would be nice.

I picked up a 2000 model in 02 for 3800 out the door. I live in Ga & bought in Tenn. :)

I have a 1993 XR600R I got cheap, but I have spent a ton of money fixing it up :D I had no idea I could get a new XR650R for 4 grand out the door until reading this forum, but a couple months of saving and im gonna be all over it :D It will be on the first ship to South America, so Im hoping not to pay tax, do I just tell em its going elsewhere and thats it ? Will probably buy it in Texas as I know they ship to South Amierca from there. This forum rocks, only wish I had known about it a long time ago! :)

I have a 2001 with less than 200 miles on it that I will let go for $3100 but I don't want to mess with the shipping. You would have to pick it up or arrange shipping from your end. I sold a WR400 a few years ago and the shipping was a pain. I'm in the midwest(St. Louis). email me at sampson00013@yahoo.com if you're interested.


Thats a good price. what state is it in?

I found a dealer reasonably near by offering a new 2003 XR650 for $4499 out the door.

Aaron... where are you located???

I'm out in Southern CA and to find an '03 for that price is gettin' sticky. So far they've counter offered at $4800-900 or so.

And are you speakin' out the door price with any taxes/licenses/setup fees etc?! Or is that before any fees and such?!

Lemme' know asap if you can. My buddy is hot on gettin' one. He's in Orange County if anyone has one for sale!!

I'm in Colorado Springs and the bike is for sale in Chanute Kansas. Go to www.hondaofchanute.com. for the phone number. I have been talking to these guys (Chase) a lot and had it worked out: $4499 out the door. No tax, set up, nothing else. He was also going to install a baja kit for $660.

The long and short of it is that my wife put the brakes on the deal :D I know, I know, let the jokes fly. We just bought a new house and finishing the basement is taking priority. I have to wait until years end for the BRP.

I was also asking about shipping. It was $460 from Chanute to Colorado Springs so I'm not sure if it would be the same to CA.

Let me know if he buys my bike :)

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