Frame Integrity

Hello all,

Was involved in a head-on collison yesterday with another bike on a mountain road. Accident happened around a blind corner. I was flying up the hill and he was flying down and we met abruptly. No time to react just smashed into each other.

Question frame on the lower right side adjacent to the oil strainer is smashed in. The skid plate is also pretty tore up. Took the bike to the dealership and was told to ride it for half an hour and check to see if engine mounting bolts become loose. If they do, the frame is trashed. Anyone have more insight into this or experience with frames?

I have an '02 YZ426. Also, the header is mangled and the dealer quoted me $281 for a stock header. Friggin' outrageous! Any ideas on less expensive quality headers?

I'd appreciate any info or ideas.


FYI there was somebody selling a used frame on ebay a couple of days ago.

I had a bud that his sole purpose in buisness was straighting Bike Frames. Here is what he told me:

Quote: I make a lot of money straighting out frames that are usless once there bent :UnQuote

I took if for what it was worth, I figure if its a 70 80 or something in that line, I would not worry to much, but a bike that can do 80mph and is a beast in the dirt, I value my body more. Get a frame

Ya thats too bad about your bike, but my question is, how's yer mellon dude?


thats good

My sons brand spanking new 250f was lofted over a cliff. After I looked the bike over and swiped away the tears, My attention turn to me Son...

Me Bad :)

Sorry it wa off the subject

[ May 24, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Hey Ego, are you a leprechan? LOL. Gimme the gold dammit!


What you talking bout willis

Thanks for the input. I was kind of thinking I would need a new frame. I'm not one to throw caution to the wind especially on a YZ426.

Mellon is fine by the way. It's the knee and tailbone that are killin' me!

My attention turn to me Son...

Me Bad

Leprechan, you know? Little guy dressed in green with a wicked accent?


Lite dawn on marble head :)

hahahahaha I get it now

No ya cant have any o me gooold

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