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Please!!! Make Freeride electric a subforum under KTM bikes.


There are not that many on the planet, but a few in Europe, and they are the future. Can't you guys make it a model specific one under the KTM bikes forum? I have been here for a decade, and it feels weird to have a general eletric forum. This bike belongs/have the same right to existence as any KTM bike under KTM bikes. I think this will draw traffic, I will for sure create some.

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Thanks for your suggestion, I appreciate it! If we get enough traction from KTM ebike owners we'll happily jailbreak the brand from the general eBike forum. But, we don't ink it makes sense to have a dedicated forum if there aren't enough member owners to make for a meaningful discussion. It's not a draw if a forum has little to no activity. I'm sure it will happen in time, but as of now, serious ebike ownership is pretty thin, but their collective ownership does make for a reasonably interesting general ebike forum. - Bryan


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