Installing Bearings

I have had my YZ426 for about a year so after reading about the lack of grease from the factory and that I should have already greased several parts I decided to take apart the linkage in the swingarm and was all set to grease it up as I read.

Once I got the assembly apart which was completly bone dry. Several of the bearing are shot. I have them out and new ones will be here tomorrow. I wondering if there is a specific way to install them so I am sure I dont damage them. I was planning on using a socket and tapping them into the "Dog bone"

Any advice is welcomed!!

I made the same mistake on a previous bike. I just used a bench vise and a socket as a press to push them in. If you had easy access to a hydrolic press this would be the way to go. Another trick is to put the bearings in the freezer for a couple hours to "shrink" them a little before installation.

Anyway, just go slow and I'm sure like me you will never make the mistake of not greasing the linkage again---


in adition to freezing the bearing sleeves. Put some heat on the linkage parts and they will go in much easier. good luck.

Place the bearings in a plastic bag an put them in the freezer over night.

With a butain torch heat the outer area of the bearing race for a few minutes 3 - 4 minutes.

At that point just drop the bearing dirctly in, no grease needed, nothing. The bearing will slip in and set.

then using a rubber mallet and a peice of wood that fits the bearing, Tap the bearing into place....

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What is rarer than platinum and gold in Japan?

Locktite and Grease!!! seems there is none available there

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