Hot Start Lever and rpms?

Hey guys,

Question about the hot start lever. If the bike is running and warmed up and I push the hot start lever in, my rpms will rise because....?

Thanks in advance.

The rpm's rise because you making the mixture leaner. Sort of like having a vacuum leak.

dont u mean pull the lever out??? In is off, out is on.

Leaner=higher idle rpm

Oh, I put one of the aftermarket lever's on it that changes the setup from "forefinger pull" to "thumb push".

I asked because at some point many brain cells ago I thought I remembered reading that if you were too lean/rich the hot start lever could help you figure out which way you were off.

I'm pretty certain my setup is good (168main, 48pj in Supermoto trim-Jardine Pipe, opened airbox, YZ cam etc) but wanted ask anyway.


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