Starter Problems Today

I went out riding today and had first time problems with the electric starter. At first, I thought the battery was weak. However, the symptoms continued which were: after hitting the e-start button I would hear a whining noise and then the starter would engage and the engine would start. This issue persisted all today and progressively got worse. Is my starter motor shot? It doesn't seem like a woodruff key issue, since the starter would usually engage. Any assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

My first guess would be the starter clutch (Yamaha calls it the "starter one way assy") is going. Doesn't sound like the motor since it seems to be spinning before the clutch engages.

Ditto, PBDBlue has the right diagnosis. I doubt your stater motor pinion has sheared teeth but that would be the next place to look. :)

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