exhaust header problem 00 426

Is it normal for titanium header to be lower then stock.mine is real low an close to rubber coolant hose.

Any idea what i can do or does any one have a stock header pipe for sale?


Is that a PC unit? Looks similar to the one I removed from a bike.

The pipe has a different bend than stock. Stock you would have to remove to do oil changes on the early F bikes. Just wrap the hose in some hi-temp insulation if you are worried about it. If it is touching, then you have bent the pipe from a crash.

it's not touching but it's close.i was going to put sum of that heat shield on it but wasn't sure if it was just mine or all aftermarket one were like that.

My Ti header pipe (god knows what brand it is) is a different bend, sits a lot lower. header2.jpg

The heat wrap is for my protection, not the hoses. Got a nasty header pipe burn a few weeks ago :). Suggest you hake a shield like the one I made. Not pretty, but my burn got infected, was put on antibiotics, week off work etc etc Wasn't going through that again.


That looks like a WB pipe. I have the Pro Circuit T-4 and I added my own CF heat shield. Very easy to do


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