I figured it out

I never found a small enough torque wrench for the center cam bolts, so I took my 3/8 drive rachet, marked off 6" then attached a fish scale at the 6"mark to pull the rachet 14.4 pounds worth. :)

Since spec is 7.2 "foot pounds" I pulled to 14.4 since the 6" mark was 1/2 the leverage.

aaaaahhhh... okie dokie

Don't scoff...it works.

I tested it first on some of the outside bolts to make sure.

It really doesnt work like that. What you need is a torque adapter and with that adapter will be a chart to covert the torque for that adapter. When you change the torque point with an adater you need to adjust your toque due to the leverage you have added with the adater. Hope this helps? Oh and sorry for using the word adater so many times.


very creative, but the real problem will be the accuracy of the scales used...


That's why I I tested it against my real torque wrench on one of the bolts I could reach

You need to use a chart if the effective length of the wrench has been changed by adding an adapter or crows foot.

The wrench will be accurate if the adapter is placed 90 degrees from the handle, or head, and the wrench is non ratcheting.

Here's a link with a quick chart and formula LINK

When I first read this post, I thought he was joking. Now, I see he really did do it that way.

Could you explain why the torque applied will be the same if the extension (crows foot) is at 90 deg. Does that mean when ever you use an extension the combination of the extension and wrench has to be in a straight line?

The torque wrench is calibrated from the middle of the handle to the square drive itself. If you add a crows foot, in line with the torque wrench, you will add to the effective length of the wrench, creating more torque than the wrench indicates. If you add the crows foot on a right angle, 90 degrees, from the torque wrench square drive, the effective length has not been changed. The center of the crows foot wrench will be the same length from the center of the handle. You can add all the 3/8 or 1/2 inch extensions you want, but when you add anything that changes the overall length, you change the value. This is why you can not use a ratcheting wrench when adding a crows foot or other adapters. You'll start off with a 90 degree angle, but as soon as you change, or ratchet, you change the length.

Hope that's not confusing

I thought I read on here somewhere that adding an extension would throw the torque reading off, maybe I just misunderstood. Good explanation HaremScarem! :)

:) Doesn't the fact that you've created a right angle triangle between the crows foot/wrench/fastener mean the new effective length is the hypotonuse of the triangle, which is more than the length of the wrench, and hence amplifies the torque applied to the fastener?

Nope. Not as long as you apply force perpendicular to the handle. If you applied force perpendicular to the hypotenuse(which would be unnatural to do), then you would be correct, although unless the crow's foot was very lengthy, it would be within a few percent anyway.

I meant to say 3/8 rachet in my post, not wrench, if this is what was causing some confusion. Original post now corrected.

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