Knee braces

What kind of knee braces are you guys wearing or recommend. I have bad knees from baseball and don't want to screw them up anymore. I have sports hinged knee brace on one of my knees, but it doesn't have any protection on the cap area and it is too big to put another pad over then top of it. I am looking for two, but there is no way the wife will let me get the Asterisk ones because of the price.

try your doctor for a prescription and get your insurance to pay for it.

i will be getting a set of these most likely

I wear teh Asterisk ones...they really are incredible..if there is anyway you COULD convince the wife, go for it. If not, look at the ones that EVS has to offer. I wore them before changing to Asterisk. They are good, but were not on the same level as the ones I have now, however their price is more competitive.

Called insurance company and even though I have had previous unjuries, they will only cover them if they are needed for daily use, not athletics. That sucks. I will just go out and hurt my knee, then they can pay for the darn surgery because they didn't want to help me out with the braces then :)


I would raise a serious stink with your insurance company! I am an ex-baseball player w/ a pre-existing knee injury.... I went to my doctor and he physically wrote me a prescription citing "traumatic arthritis" for the Asterisk Cell Knee Protection System, of course those are the one's I "suggested" he prescribe! (the company is literally around the corner from my house). He told me to check with my insurance co. to make sure I had DME (Durable Medical Equipment) covered in my policy, I did and they said they WILL cover the cost (minus my deductible). Never asked me if it was for everyday use though. I was skeptical, the guys at Asterisk said they DO NOT bill the insurance co. I had to pay for them up front then submit my claim. Worked like I charm, I paid $100 out of pocket for the set. Maybe your policy needs to have DME? I don't know for sure...

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