KX250 vs.YZ426 vs. YZ250 vs.CR250??


Looking for a little input here. Of course I've done a fair amount of research, but I love these forums and seeing what others think.

Here's the deal. I'm looking at replacing my 1995 WR250. I'm 32 yrs. old, 6ft. tall and 175lbs. I am an intermediate/expert rider, ride track 2-3 days a week, and trail(desert and mountain)1-2 days a week.

I'm just looking for a little input or maybe some first hand experience with any of these bikes. Also if you can point me to any online tests of these bikes I would appreciate it.

Here are my bike choices and prices(all from Canada-sorry U.S. dealers, I'll still buy my parts from you).

2002 KX250-$4100.00 shipped to my hometown

2002 Yz426-$4488.00 plus my brother picking it up and $250 to ship it to me. So actually around $4750.

2002 Yz250-$4386.00 plus brother shipping it, so $4636.00.

2002 CR250-Also $4636 with shipping.

What do you think?


Your asking this question on a YZ426 board, what do you think your going to get?

If you followed this board at all, you'd understant that most of the guys here would start an all out shooting war if you even metioned removing thier beloved thumpers.

All the bikes have a plus except the kawi, I hate kawi's always have always will, That puke green color, blahhhgggggg

Personaly I bleed YZ Blue, YZ Yellow and YZ red, I am partial to yamaha always have been. Nothing against Honda's good bike sturdy and reliable.

Suzuki last choice, I rode a tm400 years back and about killed me, I rode my brothers gt380 and it spit me off like I was a water ballon.

Ya just can not go wrong with a 426

Ditti With Shawn though

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On a tight track, the two-strokes will have the advantage. They are lighter and can be manuvered much easier but throw the bikes on a fast or slippery track and the YZ womps on the two-smokes. As for desert, the 250's can't compare to the 426. The thumper is an awesome desert bike that is happy on a whooped out single track at 40 mph or a 30 foot wide sand wash at redline. In the mountains, the 250's can do well if set up right but again, can't compare to the thumper unless the trails get real tight, technical, or twisty.

Hey YZ Abuser,

The guy who can get the KX for $4100 is Marcus and he is from Seattle. His # is (360) 398-9338. He also imports Honda's and Yamaha's. The other bikes I priced out of various dealers in Ontario, since their prices were a bit better than Marcus's.

Email me if you want #'s to the Ontario dealers.


I think the first thing you need to do is decide if you want a 4 stroke or 2 stroke. That is the big question here. I have personally owned cr250's and they are good bikes, they are 2 strokes though so comparing it to the 426 is apples and oranges. I personally still have an rm250 2 stroke because I do get withdrawals from that 2 stroke power band sometimes.

Sometimes it comes down to what color you like best. :):D

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