Just rewound stator-have question

Hey all,

I just rewound my stator. I have to give the guys at Mouser Electronics a plug here. They sent the wrong gage wire the first time, then re-sent the right wire, Saturday delivery at no extra charge. They lost money but gained a satisfied customer. I installed the stator and it is working fine, but when I checked resistance before I installed it, I was getting .7 ohms instead of the .1 to .5 recommended. I just piggy backed the extra four posts onto the four existing, and tied into the last post in series. I alternated the direction and crimped and soldered the connections. Is the .7 anything to worry about? I will be running a 55w (or so) headlight. Any feedback would be greatly appreciate. The whole process was really pretty easy. The toughest part was the thumb cramps.


Winkel :)

Depends on the quality of your ohm meter but many are not that accurate and can give you that much of an error just because. about the only thing you have to worry about is if you made the right connections when you tided into your existing coils. The first time I did it I got them switched and when I put in the 55watt bulb it just didn't light worth a darn. Once I switched the leads it was :) Give it a try you'll know soon enough. Should be fine.

When you get right down to it .5 or .7 ohms is real close. The way you hooked the leads can make a bigger difference than that. Did you use 18 awg or 20 awg? I did mine with 18 and from scratch. I mean I took off the factory wire and wound the whole thing with 18 awg. I wound each post 55 turns which gave me 550 total and the stock was 20 awg at 75 each 300 total. If I was to do it again I would go more but I can run a 85 watt bulb no problem. When I put my 55 watt twin set up on it goes dim. I did up grade my regulator though.

I used 18 gage. I crimped and soldered the connections. It seems to be working fine. One of these days I might redo it and just rewind all eight. I have enough wire left, but I'll probably wait until winter to do that. When I do, I'll probably make a jig to hold it. Wrestling it with no vice was tiring on the fingers! :thumbsup:

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