Baja Designs Quick Release Kit

Hey again.

I continually find myself replacing the rear taillight on my 650, every single time I take it offroad, the taillight ends up being smashed by washboard, jumps, etc etc. Has anyone found a solution to this problem, or is it something that all Dual-Sport conversion enthusiasts just put up with?

Thanks for any and all comments,


I've had the same experience with the BD QR/DS kit. I heard a little "maracas" sound and investigated to find that the glass bulb had returned to its original state of sand. Just means that your riding the bike like you're supposed to :) My fender bounces around wildly even when the bike is upright! I found a little L.E.D. marker light, under $ 5, that should fill the brake light need and I'll use the stock location for the running light. then I can trim off that dangling piece of black plastic and have a cleaner look. Other than the tailight bulb and socket, the rest of the kit is holding up just fine - and it has seen quite a few crashes lately :D Heck, with the Quicksilver, the bike runs when it's upside down - I just haven't figured out how to stay on it :D

Great idea, Cam2. I'll have to check the local auto parts store and see if I can find an LED as well. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

acerbis has a nice new led taillight out this year, I've installed it on my xr600. very clean and sturdy.

You can find those bulbs on Ebay for almost nothing... and they do last forever. However... I've had them come apart. Not the LEDs... but the board that holds them together.

I did away with the lower hanging plate and light setup and turned my stock houseing into a tail/stop setup. Ya know... no matter what I do it continues to break or not work. Cuz I aced that idea and went to a small LED strip light (from Harbor Freight) zip tied to my plate (and the plate is mounted to my fender bag). All in all it works the longest.

With the LED strip light being my brake, and the stock tail light houseing being my running light... it's almost fool, fall, and idiot proof. I just keep a few extra LED strips handy as well as the stock 5w bulb.

I have pictures of the LED in the stock housing... and what I tried (but ended up changing to the latest or as listed on my page as "second attempt")... here's the link;

Check it out... I feel like R&D for a simple solution to the rear tail light!!

Enjoyed looking at your site and your attempts at fixing the broken taillight dilemna, JA.. after finally having not only the bulb break but also having the wires to the socket break off, I contacted BD and ordered a fender subframe and LED taillight assembly.. cost ~$70.. will post and let people know how it works out. :thumbsup:

Great LED's from:

I bought my L with a shotty homebrew lens on it (someone took off that nasty TV mount but left an equally hideous and unprotected custom jobber which cracked to a zillion pieces from fender flex.) I'm contemplating gutting the light cavity and replacing the innards with a custom circuit board and 30 ultrabright red LED's arranged to look like an octagon (stop sign pattern) from the rear. Only it still will need a lens to keep out the elements, a red reflector, and white light (LED's?) to illuminate the license plate. They say the devil is in the details... :thumbsup:

Well, I've got the old BajaDesigns dual sport kit which is not quick release. I've never had the bulb break or anything. BUT! The equipment and license plate are too heavy for the rear fender, and it flopped around like crazy and looked like crap flopping around.

I had to build a metal brace to fit under the fender to help it out. It sort of works, I mean it cuts down on the flopping, but not completely.

So, I mounted the license plate to the top of the fender, and cut all that black plastic junk off that hangs down, and leaving only the tail light. That helped with the flopping fender. But now you can't really see the plate from behind, and I'm just waiting to get pulled over because of that.

Thanks... it's been an ongoing experience. I mean, I'd try something and again I'd come home from Baja with a broken light of some sort on the rear... even that damn LED 1157 style.

I want something that'd last. I immediately removed the lower fender brace and tail light/license plate mount... as it was prone to getting caught up in the rear tire and flopping around like a dolphin fin.

Let us know about the one you picked up from BajaD!!! I'm headed to the website now to see if it's listed. (I work 10min from them!)

OH, and what I have now, the LED brake strip and the stock bulb under the lense... it works the best so far. Meaning, that stock bulb in it's little rubber mount is still working after all my abuse (I went back to that after many other attempts to get a better setup). The cheap "JCWhitney" LED strip has again gone out... but after many miles in Baja once again.

I'm excited to see what you have!

But more excited if I can get it to work throughout a Baja ride.

JA, I had to call BD and talk to them to find out about the LED taillight and brace, it wasn't listed on the website, and I don't think it was in the catalog. Evidently BD has quite a few items that need to be asked about.

Ahhh.. yes, I looked and didn't see it last night. :thumbsup:

I'll call 'em now and see what's up!

update; I called and talked with Jeremy, he's on back order for the LED tail lights. He's supposed to let me know when they come in (and I'm sure others will ship Friday or Monday) possibly Friday.



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