Speak Spanish?

Took three years in high school, now I teach math to spanish speakers in the same H.S. Unfortunately, por, mas' y dividir don't come up much anywhere else. :)


So what does spanish have to do with getting hit by a dog ? :)

I speak a little spanish

Only when I am at the TacoRia though thats about it

An hour later I am doubled over going Eye-Chi-Wa-Wa why did I eat that... :D

The thing is that my mind was totally knock out... so now i do not know what i'm writting...

i do not know if i hablo español o si estoy writting en ingles.. :)

You don't know if you are writing in english or spanish huh? Sounds like bullcrap to me.

Originally posted by yznvegas:

You don't know if you are writing in english or spanish huh? Sounds like bullcrap to me.

If it sounds like crap ignore it, there is no need to be a :)


I just want to know how many of us speak spanish.

By the way, what i mean to say is i do not know if i speak spanish or writting in english.

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nice thread guys. si, hablo un poco de espanol. lo entiendo mejor que lo hablo. porque la pregunta???

What he said.

Si eres de El Paso pienso que necesitas que hablar la, gabacho o no.

Guey. :)

I can speak 8 or more languages... so can you...

Just click here...

It is an approximation, but hey, machine translation can be real funny sometimes...


Dont Mind YZ-n-LIMBO

He for some reason has a woody an is very cranky

El Stupido daLaYZenviaGAS

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Hey Yama-dude,

That may just be the most useful thing on the internet!!! Now I can talk to all my doctors!! :)

Yo soy de El Paso tambien, si es requiremiento hablar español en esta ciudad. Especialmente porque mi trabajo esta en Juarez.

How many thumpers speak spanish?

Just wanna know..!!! :D

Start counting the days of non-riding... cause i was hit by a dog.... :):D

Soy uno que no puede hablar español, aunque vivo en una ciudad era yo soy la minoría. Mis vecinos aunque un agradable faimily, yo realmente me desea podrían hablar, el grito en uno a toda la hora en español. Aclamaciones Ego Ahole Trabajo con el perople chino que bisela habla inglés, tan allí es mi delema

Yo cairo Taco Bell !! :):D:D:D I hope your feeling better Victor.

the reason for my question is that my main lenguage is spanish.

And when i have a doubt i'll know who ask....

But these topic is getting funny... :)

.... Yo quiero taco bell.... :D:D

Every one have to know the following words...

Cerveza = Beer

Banio = Restroom

Como te llamas? = What's your name?

Comida = Food

... and you already have the site thanks to Yamaha.dude

Thanks to all

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