DSP and poor customer service buyer beware!

Sounds like all the signs of a company on the ropes. They are probably going down.

Just my 2 cents but I have always had excellent customer service from them and usually receive my products in 2 to 3 days. I always order over the phone but I have not ordered from them lately so I guess things could have changed.


While I like the product, I think that the customer service from DSP sucks to say the least. I ordered a front disc guard, frame guards and the rear caliper guard via the internet in March. Despite a sales order via email, DSP had no record of the transaction soem 3 weeks later. I ordered them over the phone, received the disc guard and the frame guards, but the caliper guard was placed on back order. I called again 3 weeks ago and was told that mine would be shipped the very next run and I should have the item within 7 days. That was 3 weeks ago. Now, I have found that I can no longer get into touch with them via phone as I have tried several times a day all of this week. If you order from them, be prepared for such treatment.

As a side note, I just tried to access their web site to send them a copy of this post and it is under construction! I almost wonder if they are folding up?

As a followup, I FINALLY got into contact with a human at DSP yesterday and was told that new management is now in place. The gentleman on the other end was very helpful, researched my order, personally went out and secured the missing caliper guard and shipped it out today. Based on this new level of service, I would give them another shot.

I would hold off judgement until the product is in your hand.

No telling the Lies a MARKETER will make

Sorry to hear about the lack of service. I would think it is from an overwhelming demand for the product instead of a "company on the ropes". The aftermarket seems to be booming lately. "Booming" as in lots of thumpers especially. I have had a few product failures on some of my DSP stuff and that is where you really find out what a company is made of. My problems were dealt with promptly and I recieved new replacement parts in a very short time at no charge and with zero hassles. Try that most anywhere else. These are true "works bike" parts and just being able to get my hands on this stuff is a treat in itself. Lord knows all the lightweight parts in the world wouldn't make me any faster! Hang in there and give us some feedback as to how all this turns out. I'm headed back down the hall to the 250F room now. C'ya

Hey Ego... ain't it the truth. I have had an order with SODECAL for over three MONTHS. You know the routine... It's being cut now,should ship out Monday,it's next in line,yea it's on the way. FOURTEEN WEEKS as of today. There quality has always been good, but damn. :)

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