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Photos while Sitting on Trails bikes ?

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Since discovering Trail motor biking,  I spent a couple of days going through this forum looking at the photos and videos

of many Trail bikes.     I was previously in the market for a dual sport type bike.... ( still am as I want also do some road activity also )

so I wondered if I should shop for a Trials bike that was road legal.   Road legal sounds like an oxymoron  but in fact I found a local

Honda TLR200  with direction and brake lights that is said to be road legal.    The problem I am wondering about is whether the

unusual placement of the pegs or other aspects such as no seat padding .... or possibly very low seating or differences in foot

shifting might prevent the Trials bike (which I understand to be designed for stand up riding)  from being an acceptable road machine.

So, I would like to see photos of guys sitting on their Trails bike to ascertain how scrunched up or otherwise crammed into

an uncomfortable position.    How was the Honda TLR200  perceived to be on the road with the lights and direction signals etc.

I have discovered that my slow style of riding through the forest or on trails would be more the speed of Trials riding than Dual Sport

or Dirt Bikes ripping up the dirt.   Can a Trials bike have dual personalities as successfully  as Dual Sports ?


PS. Years ago I use to enjoy downhill technical riding on mountain bicycles and this very much reminds me of what I have seen in

some of the videos referenced in this forum.




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I have a TLR200, reflex. The riding position is awful for sitting or standing. The pegs are too far forward and high for standing, and sitting has your knees folded up uncomfortably. The bars are too low for standing, due to the height of the pegs. It is tolerable for running around town, but 10 miles or so on the street is enough. Then there is the issue of gearing. It's geared very low for a street bike. But extremely high for a trials bike. BJ racing has trials appropriate sprockets, but then you have a top speed of about 20 mph. There is a lot that can be done to make them better for trials, relocating the pegs. Putting on trials bend bars. Low gearing. Re-raking the headtube to get it to turn. Etc... But in the end it's probably not worth it. There are other bikes like this, the Sherco X-RIDE, and the Scorpa SY250 long ride. None of them are street legal, and the only one that is, the Montessa 4ride, isn't imported.
If you can skip being street legal, your options are wide open. But having to have a plate makes everything really hard.

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My new (2018) Beta came with a horn and odometer, along with the obvious headlight and tail light. I was told that some folks in Europe make them street legal. Seems bizzare to me. you can't see the tail light unless you are in a quad copter or the rider is wheelying.

In addition to the position issue, trials tires are really specialized, designed for low speed. I was warned that they can easily overheat even if you are just blasting down a fire road at typical enduro bike speeds. I would expect the tires to overheat quickly on pavement at road speeds, say 45 MPH.

Add to that the tiny gas tank. So can you do it? maybe, depending on your local laws, but would it make a good dual sport? not hardly. Would it make a good street bike? no way in heck.

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