cheapest price for 450?

Im looking to get an 04 450.Ive got a quote of 5600otd from a local dealer here in Phoenix.Is this a pretty good deal?

Anybody know of any cheaper? Thank You!

Yamaha/Polaris of Hamilton Alabama is really letting them go. One of my riding buddies just bought one Thursday and is expecting shipment this week. With shipping it was less than $5325. Their number is 1-888-880-2277. :)

Good luck,


Thanks :) I called them and im waiting for a reply.

My only concern would be if i had to pay taxes to register to get it titled, or if i even need to bother.By the way was it a new in the crate never started bike? I think it would be nice to have a bike no one has put there grubbers on.

MXKyle, was that the finished OTD price? that's an awesome price. i paid 6000 otd in san diego back in november. if they're doing it that low, i'll drive for my next one.

Yes, that was brand new out the door. There is no tax as long as it is shipped across the state line. If you drive to pick it up you have to pay the Alabama state sales tax.

My friend’s bike will be here tomorrow.


But, when you title it in your state you have to pay tax. If you don't title it, then you don't pay tax but have no way to prove you own it or no title if you sell it.

I believe that this is the way it works.

I got mine for $5,000 bucks on the money out the door buying it out of state.

In Kansas, you don't need to get off road vehicles titled so there is no tax. The bike will come with a manufacturer's certificate of origin, which is what you would use to get the title. So, it's all good.

Here in NC, there is not title for dirt bikes. Maybe your location is the same.

They told me 5700 shipped to phoenix. Im still not sure what i want thoe.Thinking about picking up a used yz250 untill the 05's come out.

Dude! Drive to LA. 5499 OTD that was with CA Tax and registration!!! I still can't believe it.


Want to talk about a rip off $7900.00 otd GP yamaha in san jose calif. everybody talking about cheap prices just gets me more bent about the A holes that suckerd me :usa::lol: :lol: :thumbsup::awww::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ;):mad:

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