'02 426 Fuel Screw

Has anyone please got any pics of where the fuel mixture screw is located on the 2002 YZ 426F? I need to adjust mine and can't seem to find the mixture screw on the carb.

Small hole on the bottom of the carb, pretty much right in front of the chain tensioner. Pic is from motoman393's web site. The "L" shaped black tube is a fuel screw extender.


Do yourself a big favor and get/make an extended fuel screw. This is something you will frequently adjust and having an extended one is soooo much nicer than the stuby stocker. You can get them from storm cylces, Zipty Racing and Kouba . There may be others as well, but these are the ones that come to mind right off hand. I think any of them will run you about $20. You can also make your own like the one shown in Cowboy's post. Check out motoman's website for the instructions.

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